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<Font Color="blue"> Configuration ponctuelle </Font> (''Fr.''). <Font Color="red"> Punktkonfiguration </Font>(''Ge''). <Font color="black"> Configurazione puntuale </Font>(''It'')
== Definition ==
== Definition ==
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* ''regelmässiges Punktsystem''
* ''regelmässiges Punktsystem''
* ''regular system of points''
* ''regular system of points''
* ''Punktkonfiguration''

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Configuration ponctuelle (Fr.). Punktkonfiguration (Ge). Configurazione puntuale (It)


A point configuration is the set of all points that are symmetrically equivalent to a given one with respect to a certain space group.

If X is the point under consideration and G is the space group, the point configuration is also known as the crystallographic orbit of X with respect to G.

Other terms used by different authors:

  • regelmässiges Punktsystem
  • regular system of points

See also

  • Chapter 8.3.2 of International Tables of Crystallography, Section A
  • Chapter 14 of International Tables of Crystallography, Section A